Sheng Kee Bakery is a family-owned business that was founded in Taiwan in 1948. We've established a heritage of familiar flavors, family, and community, crafting the very best Asian Cakes, Pastries, Mooncakes, and Desserts for your palate. Our techniques and our flavors stay true to our cultural roots.

Our story is one of family, community, and hard work. Sheng Kee Bakery was established as a way to survive, selling miscellaneous commodities, ice cream, and bread to our local neighborhood. As times changed, we adapted and specialized in bread and pastries. Today, we've expanded to America and have grown into a leading bakery.

Sheng Kee Bakery has built our name on remembering our roots. In the early 1990s, we pioneered the crafting and distribution of Moon Cakes in America. What started off as a seasonal product soon became one of our staple specialties. We continue to create quality Moon Cakes for our growing customers.

From our kitchen to your table, and from our family to yours, welcome. Experience the taste of our heritage with Sheng Kee Bakery.