2024 Mother's Day Art Contest

2024 Mother's Day Art Contest

Arthur Kao

🎨✨ Celebrate Mom with Art! 🌸✏️ Enter our Mother's Day Drawing Contest! Must be under 18 years old. Submit your masterpiece dedicated to your mom by April 30th, 2024! The winner will be announced on May 3rd, 5:00pm PST. Include name, school, area code, email, or phone number. Send submissions to contact@shengkee.com or tag us on Instagram @shengkeebakery.

Winning artworks will be proudly displayed in our Bay Area stores, and winners will also receive a special Mother's Day cake to enjoy with their family! Three winners chosen from San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, and South Bay. Let's give back to the community, explore creativity, and celebrate with delicious Mother's Day cakes!

150 美元和一个母亲节蛋糕。

第二名获奖者将获得我们面包店价值 50 美元的礼券和母亲节蛋糕

第三名获奖者将获得我们面包店的 30 美元礼券和母亲节蛋糕


  • 如何參加:

- 必须未满 18 岁

- 提交一幅献给媽媽的绘画作品或艺术作品的照片。请包 含姓名、学校、区号、电子邮件或电话号码

  • 请将提交的照片或副本发送至电子邮件 contact@shengkee.com 或 Instagram 标签@shengkeebakery
  • 获奖者的艺术作品将在海湾各地的商店中展示。
  • 每个區域选出三名获奖者:
  • 旧金山 半岛 东湾 南湾