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Shengkee Bakery

Hi, I am Gao XiaoLiang, the person responsible for Sheng Kee Bakery in America. There have been a lot of rumors going about recently and I would like to take the time to clear things up. Allow me to explain the situation regarding the recent recall procedure regarding select batches of Traditional Mooncake products.

What Happened:

Because our Mooncakes are sold throughout the United States, we are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has strict regulations on food manufacturing in the United States, and our company has always fully complied with the government’s standards. To comply with that we maintain rigorous control over the raw materials and to the production process.

During a routine inspection by the FDA, they had discovered an error in the labeling of certain batches of our traditional mooncakes. Due to an oversight in our production system, our labels in some of the more early batches of product did not declare the presence of Egg Wash as an ingredient.

Our Mooncakes have a very small amount of Egg Wash that gives our mooncake product its distinctive shine, made from a blend of Liquid Whole Eggs and Liquid Egg Yolks that are sourced locally in the United States.

They found that our labels were missing the declaration of Egg Wash in our ingredient label.

The Recall:

In order to be fully transparent and responsible to our customers. we initiated a voluntary recall process of the batches of Mooncakes affected with the help of the FDA this past Monday 9/11/2023.

Egg is a major allergen, so we just wanted to make sure that our customers who had already purchased our products who are allergic to eggs did not consume our product.

If you have already purchased our products:

  • I want to reassure you that our Mooncakes are safe to eat and that we chose to recall purely to correct a labeling oversight and protect our customers.
  • We also manufacture all of our Traditional Mooncake products locally in the United States.
  • The Egg in question is sourced locally from Abbotsford Farms located in the United States.

Our Action:

We are currently working to relabel the batches in question to include Liquid Whole Egg and Liquid Egg Yolk to our production labels and make the corrections needed.

Additionally, we have been working with our distribution partners to replace the products they have in stock with a new batch of products that don't have that issue.

With our baking legacy spanning 75 years, one of our core values is integrity. That is the reason we voluntarily chose to recall those batches of product. There is a lot of confusion and rumors in the market right now, we are just trying to do our best and be responsible to all of our customers.

Please accept my sincere apology on behalf of myself and the American Sheng Kee Bakery. We also want to thank the FDA for their rigorous oversight; it is thanks to them we were able to catch this issue.

Thank you!


Please refer to the link to the official FDA article for information regarding which products and batches are affected:

Link: https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/sheng-kee-california-inc-issues-allergy-alert-undeclared-egg-following-traditional-mooncake-products 

If you have any more questions, please email us at: contact@shengkee.com


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