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Matcha Ice Cream Toast

Shengkee Bakery
Let’s use Sheng Kee Taiwan Toast to make super easy Matcha Ice Cream Toast! 🍵

Just a few simple steps you can enjoy the refreshing Matcha ice cream with soft & crispy honey butter toast to start your wonderful weekend!🍦

Check out the Video Recipe!

Serves: 3-4 People

✨3 Slices of Sheng Kee Taiwan Toast ✨(Thick Sliced)
✨Butter 40g
✨Honey 5g
✨Your favorite Ice Cream
✨Any fruit of your choice!

✨Microwave butter and honey for 30s until melted together
✨Take 1 slice of Sheng Kee soft and ✨elastic thick toast
✨Cut the toast, keep the bottom uncut (just gently slice halfway)
✨Cut the other 2 pieces of toast into strips
✨Evenly apply melted butter to each piece of toast
✨Put Toast in oven, 360 F, 15 minutes
✨Stack the baked toast
✨Put fruit on top of the toast
✨Put any flavor of ice cream you want on top
✨Pour on drinkable yogurt and enjoy!